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Short Term Rentals In Qatar For The Upcoming 2022 World Football Event Category: General

When the Football Federation announced in 2010 that Qatar would host the 2022 World Football Event, the people of the oil-rich tiny Gulf emirate wondered how they would accommodate an estimated 1.2 million visitors for the five weeks tournament.Fortunately, in the ensuing years, Qatar began large-scale modernization of the capital city Doha. To ensure that there are enough accommodations for the visitors for the largest sporting event in the world, Qatar has made short-term apartment rentals available. If you are planning to visit the country for the 2022 World Football Event, you will benefit from this short-stay accommodation guide.Start By Looking For Domestic Short Stay Apartments Qatar does have options to rent properties online now, so you can expect to find short stay apartments easily in Qatar. Fortunately, to ensure that all the visitors find a place to stay during the World Football Event, Qatar Tourism has introduced a new renting license for property owners to offer short-stay accommodation.Qatar Tourism has introduced the ‘Holiday Homes License’ that is mandatory for domestic property owners to let their homes for rent. The license is necessary for property owners to list their properties on international renting websites like . If you are interested in short stay apartments, you can book them via these sites. However, it is essential to check the license of the domestic property before you book.The rent of Qatar vacation rentals is expected to rise due to the huge demand for bookings for the five weeks of the World Football Event season. It is why short term apartment rentals might provide an economical stay option.Read More :

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