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Beauty salons or beauty parlors are specialized establishments that provide cosmetic treatments to people to enhance their appearance and well-being. It is a place for people to pamper, groom, and rejuvenate themselves, often accompanied by soothing music, aromatherapy, and attentive service. In a beauty salon, experienced and skilled professionals, such as hairstylists, beauticians, makeup artists, and nail technicians, help clients feel and look their best. The services offered by beauty salons are tailored to meet the unique preferences and needs of each client. Beauty salon services include spa treatments, massage therapies, waxing, threading, hair cutting, styling, coloring, extensions, skincare treatments like facials and skincare regimens, nail care, manicures and pedicures, as well as makeup application for special occasions or everyday use. 

To ensure that clients receive top-notch service, beauty salons constantly adapt to the latest trends and innovations and help them feel and look their best from the inside out. Listed below are beauty salons or beauty parlors in Qatar.

1) Beauty Box Salon

Beauty Box Salon, Doha, Qatar

Taking into account the clients' busy schedules and time limitations, Beauty Box offers quality, quick, and affordable services. Aiming to become one of the most successful hair, nail, and beauty salons in Doha, Beauty Box provides clients with innovative hair, nail and beauty treatments, as well as continuing staff education.

Location and Contact Details of Branches of Beauty Box Salon

Timings - Saturday to Thursday 10am to 10pm, Friday 1pm to 10pm

Services - Threading, waxing, massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, spas, hair styling and colouring, lashes


2) Chic and Posh Beauty Lounge

Chic and Posh Beauty Lounge, Doha, Qatar

Chic and Posh is an award-winning beauty salon where you can feel pampered, special, and above all, stay glowing inside and out. They offer a range of services to keep you looking gorgeous. 

Location and Contact Details of Branches of Chic and Posh Beauty Lounge

Timings - 10am to 10pm

Services - Hair care, make-up, skin care, nail vanity, body care, tanning, hair-do's, lashes, massage, brow extension


3) Shingari Beauty Center

Shingari Beauty Center, Qatar

Women can choose from a variety of beauty treatments available at Shingari, which are offered in an excellent and highly personalised manner. The treatments are carried out professionally by trained and experienced workers. 

Location and Contact Details of Shingari Beauty Center

Timings - Saturday to Thursday 8.30am to 8.30pm, Friday 10am to 8.30pm

Services - Waxing, facials, pedicures, manicures, make-up, hair cuts, hair spa, hair colour, eyebrows, hot oil massage, clean up, blow dry and more


4) Embellie Hair and Beauty Salon

Embellie Hair and Beauty Salon, Qatar

In Embellie Boutique, women can get their beauty fix, get professional advice, relax, read, work, and shop in a stylish, contemporary environment. With well-trained, experienced staff and superior quality products, they deliver professional results at home and in the salon. They are one of the first salons in Qatar specializing in highly textured (Afro-Arab) or black hair.

Location and Contact Details of Embellie Hair and Beauty Salon

Timings - 9am to 9pm

Services - Braiding, waxing, threading, pedicures, manicures, nails, massages, hair colours, hair extensions, hair stylists, hair cuts, hair care, facials, eyelashes, eyebrows, body services, Caucasian hair


5) Paradise Beauty Salon

Paradise Beauty Salon, Qatar

Located in Doha, Paradise Beauty Salon provides beauty and hair services. A relaxing and rejuvenating experience is what customers can expect at this salon. 

Location and Contact Details of Branches of Paradise Beauty Salon

Timings - Saturday to Thursday 10am to 10pm, Friday 1pm to 10pm

Services - Hair, make-up, threading, eye lashes, pedicures, manicures, massages, facials, waxing, pregnancy treatments, juvenile delight, Moroccan hammam, scrubs and wraps


6) Kozma and Kozma Salon

Kozma and Kozma Salon, Qatar

Their mission is to pamper their clients from head to toe by providing total beauty experiences. You can expect a great salon experience from the talented, experienced and friendly team. They use the best products and offer quality services. You can even receive a scoop of candy or a gourmet coffee as a complimentary treat.

Location and Contact Details of the Branches of Kozma and Kozma Salon

Timings - Saturday to Thursday 10am to 7pm, Friday 11am to 8pm 

Services - Manicures, facials, hair cuts, hair color, lashes, brows, hair styling, pedicures, waxing, threading, blow drying, hair treatments, hair extensions, nails and nail art


7) Roots Hair and Beauty Salon

Roots Hair and Beauty Salon, Qatar

A complete range of high-quality hair and beauty services is available at Roots, with a tailored approach that will leave you looking and feeling flawless and polished on a contemporary and effortless level. Their team is made up of highly skilled stylists, colourists & beauty therapists who are deeply dedicated to their craft and provide an outstanding experience with exceptional service to clients. The salon has won many OhLaLa Awards since 2018, and this year was named  "Best Beauty Salon in Qatar 2022".

Location and Contact Details of Roots Hair and Beauty Salon 

Timings - Sunday to Wednesday 9am to 7pm, Thursday and Saturday 9am to 6pm, Friday closed

Services - Hair cutting, hair colouring, hair wash, blow dry, beauty treatments, waxing, lashes, brows, nail care


8) Le Meme Spa

Le Meme Spa, Qatar

An exclusive ladies spa featuring vibrant and colorful interiors, Le Meme Spa combines luxury with feminine power. The spa subtly represents every woman's dream of a tranquil haven, offering full-service amenities to make your visit memorable.

Location and Contact Details of Le Meme Spa

Timings - Saturday to Thursday 10am to 9pm, Friday 12pm to 9pm

Services - Hair treatments, Facial treatments, Massages, Nail treatments, Body treatments, manicures, pedicures, massages, skin care


9) Salon Fleur De Lis

Salon Fleur De Lis, Qatar

With an area of 350 sqm, Salon Fleur De Lis is situated in the beautiful Mirqab Mall and provides quality hair and nail services at an affordable price.

Location and Contact Details of Salon Fleur De Lis

Timings - Saturday to Thursday 10am to 9pm, Friday 12pm to 9pm

Services - Nails and hair services, massage, facials, waxing, beauty, lash lifting, lash extension, brow lamination, new slimming treatment, Moroccan bath, brow microshading, make up


10) Moulay Yaaqoup Beauty Center

Moulay Yaaqoup Beauty Center, Qatar

In Qatar, Moulay Yaaqoup Beauty Center is the first to introduce Moroccan Hammam. A relaxing, upscale atmosphere with high-quality service and products at an affordable price, is offered by their experienced staff. Their friendly and professional staff will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. 

Location and Contact Details of Moulay Yaaqoup Beauty Center

Timings - Saturday to Thursday 10am to 9pm, Friday 2pm to 9pm

Services - Nashi, Loreal treatments, straight and soft treatments, prinovace treatment, hair style, beauty services, Moroccan hammam, massage treatment, hair services, hair cuts, hair colour, natural hair treatment, hair sanfarah treatment, waxing, threading, facials, massage, nail treatment


11) Noon Beauty Centre

Noon Beauty Centre, Qatar

The Noon Beauty Centre is an organic beauty salon located in Doha, Qatar, focusing on organic, healthy alternatives to beauty care and make-up options. In addition to makeup services, hair styling, and body treatments, the team at Noon Beauty Centre specializes in all beauty treatments and makes sure you look and feel great.

Location and Contact Details of Noon Beauty Centre

Timings - Saturday to Thursday 10am to 8pm, Friday 2pm to 8pm

Services - Hair, make-up, nails, skin care, massage, lashes, threading, waxing and Moroccan bath

Price List of Noon Beauty Centre


12) Sky Beauty Center and Spa

Sky Beauty Center and Spa, Qatar

It is a one-stop destination for wellness, health, beauty, and relaxation services on par with international standards. All their services are provided by trained and experienced stylists and beauticians who are dedicated to listening and understanding your individual needs. They offer all the popular treatments at an affordable price.

Location and Contact Details of Sky Beauty Center and Spa

Timings - Saturday to Thursday 10am to 9pm, Friday 2pm to 10pm

Services - Face care, threading, face wax, body care, body wax, pedicure, manicure, hair care, hair style, hair colour, make up, massage, henna, bath, Nouveau lash extension and lifting


13) Maison De Joelle

Maison De Joelle, Qatar

The Maison de Joelle is a leading beauty salon that offers luxurious celebrity treatments with a comfortable approach for all visitors. With a sleek gold design and cozy modern decor, this beauty spot is a must-visit for beauty lovers. The combination of friendly, attentive services and the fact that Maison De Joelle is led by an award-winning beauty and makeup icon truly makes Maison De Joelle stand out.

Location and Contact Details of Maison De Joelle

Timings - Saturday to Thursday 9am to 10pm, Friday 2pm to 10pm

Services - Hair care, skin care, make-up, nail care, bridal, waxing, henna, permanent make-up, body and facial treatments, spa, Moroccan Hammam


14) Fadia El Mendelek Salon

Fadia El Mendelek Salon, Qatar

With 15 years of experience as a stylist and makeover expert, Fadia El Mendelek has won many European awards for her talent and creativity. She became the stylist of many celebrities and Arab royalty through her online service and her line "K by Fadia El Mendelek", which offers premium all-natural hair care products and extensions. As a professional hair stylist, she offers the best new trendy looks for her clients' hair, which inspire trust and satisfaction. Her salon and academy, MEET THE "K", are always on top of global hair care technology.

Location and Contact Details of Fadia El Mendelek Salon

Timings - Saturday to Thursday 10am to 8pm, Friday 1pm to 8pm

Services - Hair, make-up, nails


15) Doha Beauty Center

Doha Beauty Center, Qatar

Doha Beauty Center is the top beauty salon in Doha, Qatar. It enlivens your life with mesmerizing beauty packages. The salon uses the most advanced equipment and the best international beauty products such as Shahnaz Hussain products, the world’s No. 1 brand of herbal and ayurvedic cosmetics from India.

Location and Contact Details of Doha Beauty Center

Timings - Open all days, Friday prayer break from 10.30am to 12.30pm

Services - Manicure, pedicure, bridal make up, hair spa, facials, waxing, bleaching and other services


16) Favori Beauty Lab

Favori Beauty Lab, Qatar

With an atmosphere filled with energy, fun, and cutting-edge services, Favori Beauty Lab is a full-service beauty salon. They help their customers look and feel beautiful through a team of qualified professionals. They offer home services for your convenience.

​Location and Contact Details of Favori Beauty Lab

Timings - Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 8pm, Monday closed

Services - Skin care, hair care, lashes, nails


17) Violletta Beauty Lounge

Violletta Beauty Lounge, Qatar

Violletta treats customers with the utmost care and attention. Their mission is to create a heaven of stress-free quality services, fabulous styling, and the ability to innovate and introduce exclusive services to their valued customers.

​Location and Contact Details of Violetta Beauty Lounge

Timings - Saturday to Thursday 10am to 9pm, Friday 2pm to 9pm

Services - Hair, nails, makeup, Moroccan bath, massage, facial treatment and slimming program


18) WOW Beauty Salon

WOW Beauty Salon, Qatar

Providing services for all your beauty needs, WOW Beauty Salon prides itself on its beauty services, efficiency, and staff. Known for delivering the best customer satisfaction and journey, they build their culture on passion, education, and will always leave you feeling and looking WOW!

​Location and Contact Details of WOW Beauty Salon

Timings - Sunday to Wednesday 10 am to 10 pm, Thursday 10 am to 12 am, Friday 1 pm to 12 am, Saturday 10 am to 11 pm

Services - Hair care, nail care, skin care, facials, waxing and body treatments


19) Her Avenue Salon and Spa

Her Avenue Salon and Spa, Qatar

A day at Her Avenue Salon and Spa is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated, with their skilled professionals utilizing natural, high-quality products to rejuvenate you. You will return and recommend them again because of their high service standards and personal care. 

​Location and Contact Details of Her Avenue Salon and Spa

Timings - Sunday to Thursday 9am to 8pm, Friday and Saturday closed

Services - Hair services, hand care, foot care, body care, massage spa, waxing, threading, facial treatments


20) Style N Care Ladies Salon

Style N Care Ladies Salon, Qatar

A beauty salon in Al Wakrah, Qatar, offers only the best in all beauty treatments, and their service is designed to make you feel and look amazing. The salon offers Indian Ayurvedic massages according to the client's needs.

​Location and Contact Details of Style N Care Ladies Salon

Timings - Saturday to Thursday 9am to 9pm, Friday 10am to 9pm

Services - Hair care, hair styling, nail care, skin care, waxing, bridal make-up, massage therapies, henna designs, Moroccan bath treatments, ayurvedic massage and more


21) Desert Princess

Desert Princess, Qatar

Located in Doha, Qatar with two branches, Desert Princess is a go-to establishment for professional hair and beauty services. Their international team of skilled experts delivers top-notch hair and beauty services in Doha, making it the ultimate hair and beauty destination. With their beauty services, you will look and feel great, and maintain your natural beauty from head to toe.

​Location and Contact Details of Desert Princess

Timings - Monday and Thursday 8am to 6pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 9am to 7pm, Saturday 10am to 6pm, Friday and Sunday closed

Services - Hair services, nail services, facials, skin care, beauty services and more


22) Beauty Kingdom Salon for Ladies

Beauty kingdom Salon for Ladies, Qatar

A warm welcome awaits you at Beauty Kingdom for Ladies, a salon committed to providing its clients with all the treatments they expect from a modern salon. At Beauty Kingdom, you will undergo a beauty transformation you have never experienced before in a clean and hygienic environment.

​Location and Contact Details of Beauty Kingdom Salon for Ladies 

Timings - Saturday to Thursday 9am to 8pm, Friday 2pm to 8pm

Services - Hair services, lashes, henna, nail services, facials, beauty services, skin care, Moroccan baths and more


Some more beauty salons in Qatar

1) Eva Beauty Salon
Location and Contact Details of Eva Beauty Salon 

2) Snips Hair and Beauty Salon
Location and Contact Details of Snips Hair and Beauty Salon 

3) Beautylife Ladies Salon
Location and Contact Details of Beautylife Ladies Salon 

4) Red Salon For Ladies
Location and Contact Details of Red Salon For Ladies 

5) Aysel Beauty Lounge
Location and Contact Details of Aysel Beauty Lounge 

6) Diya Beauty Salon
Location and Contact Details of Diya Beauty Salon

7) Habibs Hair and Beauty Lounge
Location and Contact Details of Habibs Hair and Beauty Lounge 

8) Meteor Garden Salon
Location and Contact Details of Meteor Garden Salon

9) Astela Salon And Spa
Location and Contact Details of Astela Salon And Spa

10) Leonards Beauty Salon
Location and Contact Details of Leonards Beauty Salon


To conclude if you're looking for a simple haircut, a complete makeover, or a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation, a beauty salon is a place where the art of grooming and self-care merges with skilled expertise in a relaxed, personalized setting.

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