The General Tax Authority Seizes Stores Selling Tobacco Products Without Mandatory Tax Stamps
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As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance tax compliance, the General Tax Authority (GTA) has declared enforcement actions against stores found in violation of Excise Tax laws, following rigorous inspection campaigns conducted jointly with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the General Authority of Customs.

Furthering its commitment to public health through robust tax enforcement, the GTA's Anti-Tax Evasion Team, in collaboration with relevant authorities, has taken actions against stores selling tobacco products and derivatives lacking the mandatory Tax Stamps (Tax Seals) as stipulated by the Excise Tax Law, which prohibits trading such products without Tax Stamps.

The GTA confiscated non-compliant products and issued notices to the violating stores, initiating the process of legal action against the offenders.

The General Tax Authority reaffirms its commitment to monitoring the supply chain for illicit tobacco trade, upholding the World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control standards. Furthermore, the GTA affirms its ongoing campaigns against violators and pledges to take legal action against those proven to endanger public health. This crucial effort is conducted in close collaboration with all state agencies to ensure the effective enforcement of laws aimed at combatting tobacco and its derivatives.

The GTA is implementing proactive measures to foster voluntary tax compliance and enhance community confidence in the tax system, with the overarching goal of cultivating an environment of greater tax adherence. The GTA urges all taxpayers to strictly comply with the provisions and procedures outlined in the tax laws to avoid any potential legal consequences.

The General Tax Authority extends its gratitude to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the General Authority of Customs for their invaluable cooperation in these ongoing campaigns, affirming its commitment to continue taking all necessary measures to enforce laws and protect consumers.

The Tax Stamp is a unique and easily recognizable identifier, available in the format of either a physical sticker or a digital code containing encrypted data and is affixed to Excisable Goods. The General Tax Authority initiated the first and second phases of this system in 2022, followed by the third phase at the onset of 2023 within local markets. This phase mandated that all tobacco products and derivatives in local markets must bear Tax Stamps.

The GTA's endeavors to combat tobacco align with Qatar’s Third National Development Strategy 2024-2030, which prioritizes enhancing quality of life by reducing smoking prevalence. These efforts are also in harmony with the National Health Strategy, aimed at safeguarding individuals from the hazards of tobacco and its derivatives. This is achieved through imposing taxes on tobacco production and imports, contributing to the overall improvement of public health for all residents of Qatar.

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