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Life cannot exist without water, which is one of the most important resources on the planet. It is important to consume adequate water daily in order to maintain good health. As a result of its hot and dry climate, Qatar has a high demand for fresh and clean drinking water. There are therefore many minerals water manufacturers providing high-quality drinking water in the country. These manufacturers use advanced filtration systems and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that drinking water is pure and safe. Residential and commercial customers can choose from a wide range of drinking water delivery services in Qatar. You can have bottled water delivered to your door or purchased from a nearby store. We have compiled a list of Qatari drinking water companies in this article.

1) Qatar Oasis

A leading bottled water company in Qatar, Al Arabiya Mineral Water and Packaging Factory W.L.L. was established in 2017 to produce mineral water. Qatar Oasis is produced and distributed by Al Arabiya Mineral Water and Packaging Factory W.L.L. and has become a popular brand amongst Qataris. Major Qatari institutions and corporations exclusively choose the brand. It has been approved by the Supreme Council for Public Health in Qatar.  

Products - Dispenser, cradle type, gallon bottle, plastic dispenser, manual water pump, bottles

Delivery Service - Currently available in leading stores and delivered to homes across Qatar.

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2) Nice water

They are the leading provider of high quality drinking water in the State of Qatar, serving the requirements of most government and private organizations, including Ministries, Government offices, banks, hotels, hospitals, schools, homes and more. In order to ensure that all their customers are supplied with sufficient quantities of water, their distribution network is organized in such a way that every customer is attended weekly.

Products - Dispenser, gallon bottle, plastic dispenser, hand pump, pet bottle

Delivery Service - Free delivery at your door steps.

Location and Contact Details of Nice Water 

3) Safa water

As a leading company in the field of packaged drinking water, Safa International Co. W.L.L. focuses on the processing and distribution of packaged drinking water to homes, retail stores, and corporate organisations. Experts and professionals with extensive experience in the packaged drinking water industry make up their team. Apart from 5-gallon water bottles, Safa Water offers a wide variety of accessories and dispensers and it allows you to save money by choosing from a wide range of water coupon denominations.

Products - Pot dispenser, manual hand pump, cradle with tap, H&C table top water dispenser, cup holder

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Download the Safa Water app for Android 

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4) Rayyan Mineral Water Co.

Founded in 1984 by Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Rabban, Rayyan Pure Natural Mineral Water offers fresh, natural water sourced deep beneath the desert surface. With highly efficient production systems and the latest technology, they produce lighter bottles with a significantly lower carbon footprint. The Rayyan brand has established itself as an award-winning brand with high standards, advanced laboratories and an automated production line that is completely hygienic, international quality certifications, commitment to the environment, community-focused events, and a unique edge in the industry. 

Products - Glass and plastic bottles with different bottle sizes, sports cap bottles ideal for kids, Rayyan tissues

Location and Contact Details of Rayyan Mineral Water Co.

5) Khazan Qatar

As a leading beverage manufacturer, distributor, and exporter, Khazan has become one of Qatar's top industries. After purchasing a mineral water manufacturing plant in 2005, the company began producing "Aqua Gulf" pure bottled drinking water, and later added a second facility to manufacture "Dana" pure mineral drinking water. The first homegrown brand produced in 2005, Aqua Gulf water has a pH value equal to pure water. The well-known Dana brand of bottled water has set new standards for purity in Qatar.  

Products - Plastic bottles of varying sizes

Location and Contact Details of Khazan Qatar 

6) Wataniya Water

Wataniya Water ensures to give their customers the best water in an environmentally friendly manner. They believe in local production and local distribution, confirming their commitment to environmental protection. The water of Wataniya is incomparable in terms of its purity, pH, and mineral content.

Products - Bottles of varying sizes, gallon bottles, cup water, hot and cold dispenser, hand pump dispenser, cradle

Location and Contact Details of Wataniya Water

7) Mai Doha Trading

The company Mai Doha was established in 2018 and is one of Qatar's renowned mineral water suppliers. Within a short span of time, the company has emerged as a leading supplier because of its commitment, quality, and dedicated services. They maintain a quality product that meets national standards. They provide services to schools, government sectors, construction sites, offices, restaurants, clinical laboratories and Qatari residents.

Products - Bottled water, gallon bottles, table top water dispenser, hot and cold dispenser, pet manual dispenser and water pump.

Delivery Service - Free delivery throughout Qatar

Location and Contact Details of Mai Doha 

8) Sabeel Water

A quality drinking water brand named Sabeel has been produced by International Mineral Water Co W L L since 2000 to satisfy the demands of local people. The company began as a small business with only a few employees and now boasts over 100 staff and 35 delivery vehicles. Approximately 700 bottles are produced per hour by their fully automatic bottling plant machinery, imported from the U.S.A.

Products - Gallon bottles, dispensers

Delivery Service - Free delivery throughout Qatar

Location and Contact Details of Sabeel Water 

9) Gulf Water Plant

Gulf Water Plant LLC is a Qatar-based mineral water company founded in 2012. The company manufactures, sells & markets its brand Jouf Premium and Jouf Plus. Within a short period of time, the unit has been able to establish the brand nationally as well as throughout the GCC.

Products - Bottles of various sizes.

E-commerce website 

Location and Contact Details of The Gulf Water Plant LLC 

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10) Sweet Water Supply Shalimar Trading & Transport Co. W.L.L

Throughout Qatar, Shalimar Trading and Transport Company provides high quality portable water in large quantities to construction sites and labor camps, using vehicles of varying capacities. A regular and uninterrupted supply of water is guaranteed by their distribution network and they ensure that water always meets approved quality standards from authorized laboratories. They have highly skilled and well-trained professionals guiding and supervising the operation. Tankers are also available for lease based on clients' request.

Location and Contact Details of Sweet Water Supply

11) Sidra Water

As Qatar's climate demands minerals to stay hydrated, Sidra Water fills your soul with fresh energy. With its low sodium content, Sidra water is the perfect drink to switch up your usual routine because it is rich in minerals and refreshing. You can find it at your local grocery store or hypermarket. 

Products - Bottles, gallons 

Location and Contact Details of Sidra Water

12) Al Kawther Water Treatment WLL

With the brand name Qatarat, Al Kawther Water Treatment W.L.L. is one of the leading bottled water companies in Qatar. The company utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to ensure customer satisfaction in all aspects. Their products are competitively priced and well-designed, to stand out best in the market.

Products - Pet bottles, gallons 

Location and Contact Details of Al Kawther Water Treatment WLL 

13) Nestle Pure Life

With Nestle Pure Life, you can be sure of getting high quality, great-tasting water that your family will enjoy. Healthy choices can be made with Nestle, a leading brand in bottled water and nutrition. Through an automated programmed process, Nestle Pure Life water is filtered at high levels and then added with essential minerals to produce safe, healthy, tasty water.  

Products - Plastic bottles, gallon bottles, hot and cold dispenser, manual hand pump

Location and Contact Details of Nestle Pure Life 

14) Marwa International Pure Drinking Water

Founded in Doha, Qatar, Marwa is a leading water purification company providing customers with consistently good quality water. Marwa Water has prospered over the years by adhering strictly to their policies and adhering to the health department's regulations and parameters.

Products - Gallon bottles, hot and cold dispenser

Delivery Service - Free home delivery

Location and Contact Details of Marwa International Pure Drinking Water 

15) Alka Live

On a local and international scale, Alkalive water is among the best types of bottled drinking water available. Alkalive water can be bought in online stores or in a store near you. Utilizing modern methods, the company produces water free of harmful toxins while keeping vital minerals intact, so that the body can use them as needed.

Products - Plastic and glass bottles

Location and Contact Details of Alka Live 

16) Almas Water WLL

Almas is a well-known company in Qatar that provides purified water for better health. Their laboratory is equipped with the latest testing equipment and requirements. Every bottle they deliver for your home or office is guaranteed to be pure.

Products - Plastic bottles, gallon bottles

Delivery Service - Free home delivery

Location and Contact Details of Almas Water

17) Al Riya Water

As a pure, natural, refreshing water supplier, Al Riya looks forward to providing the people of Qatar and the remaining GCC countries with timely delivery, hassle-free payment methods, and customer service that will turn any individual customer into a lifelong customer. They are committed to enriching the lives of each and every customer with their water services. 

Delivery Service - Free home delivery

Location and Contact Details of Al Riya Water 

18) Green Water Qatar

A dedicated water company that aims to make a difference in the State of Qatar by producing the highest quality water and delivering the best service to their customers. In order to preserve its purity, Green Water is never touched by humans from source to bottle, it is naturally balanced and low in sodium. Their customer service is available 24/7.   

Delivery Service - Free delivery

Location and Contact Details of Green Water Qatar

19) Flora Mineral Water Factory

Location and Contact Details of Flora Mineral Water Factory 

20) Sayhan Water

Location and Contact Details of Sayhan Water

21) Doha Water

Location and Contact Details of Doha Water 

22) Jannah Water Bottling Factory

Location and Contact Details of Jannah Water Bottling Factory 




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