Your Guide To The Best Driving Schools In Qatar: Rates And Services
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The selection of driving schools in Qatar is vast, but finding the right one can be challenging, whether you are new to driving, an experienced driver looking to get the Qatar license, or someone who needs a refresher course. A number of driving schools in Qatar offer theory and practical lessons, as well as preparing you for the exams necessary to obtain your driving license.  In this article, you will gain an understanding of the different driving schools, their courses, fees, location, contact information, and other details.

How to Select a Driving School 

Qatar's driving schools are regulated by the Ministry of Interior’s Directorate of Traffic. All driving schools adhere to one curriculum and maintain a similar level of training and instruction. Although there are some differences in the quality of services offered by the driving schools, depending on their instructors, facilities, and customer service. Thus, prior to applying, it is always advisable to do some research. A few tips to remember when choosing a driving school:

1) Seek the recommendation of someone who recently got their driver's license.

2) Identify multiple driving schools and compare prices and reviews.

3) Contact the driving school to learn more about the courses, facilities, fees, etc.  

4) Make sure you know how long the waiting period is before you enroll, since some may have a busy schedule and require you to wait 2 to 3 months to start the driving course.

5) Find out where the driving school is located and decide how to get there. The majority of driving schools provide transportation for their students to and from their schools.


Documents Required for Registration

1) QID - A copy of the applicant's Qatar ID or Visa copy.

2) Eligible profession (on QID) - Applicants must have a profession approved by the traffic department to obtain a driving license.

3) Photo - 4 passport-sized photographs.

4) Eye test report - Get your eyes tested at an approved eye test center or driving school.


The List of Driving Schools

1) Dalla Driving Academy 

Dallah Driving Academy, Qatar

Dalla is one of the largest driving training schools in Qatar. They offer a top-notch Drivers Education Program with theory and practical training. The instructors at their driving school will help you develop your driving skills while making you feel comfortable and confident.

Training courses offered - Motorcycle, Light vehicle, Trailer, Medium truck, Crane, Forklift, Excavator, Shovel and Bus course.

Facilities - Classrooms, Driving lessons, Professional instructors, Training area, Eye - test center, Transportation, Cafeteria, Child care center, Mosque, Simulator  training, Theatre and more.

 Location and Contact Details of Dallah Driving Academy

Course Fees -


2) Alijarah Driving Academy

Alijarah Driving Academy, Qatar

The mission of Alijarah Driving Academy is to provide high quality, convenient, and comprehensive driver education courses at a low cost. The instructors at Alijarah Driving Academy are patient, professional, and knowledgeable. The company provides defensive driving services for commercial and private drivers.

Training courses offered - Motorcycle and Light Vehicle (Full Course, Half Course, VIP).

Facilities - Classrooms, Driving lessons, Professional instructors, Training area, Eye - test center, Transportation, Cafeteria, Mosque, Simulator training and more.

Location and Contact Details of Alijarah Driving Academy 

Course Fees -


3) Karwa Driving School (KDS)

Karwa Driving School, Qatar

Founded in 2006, Karwa Driving School (KDS) has established itself as one of the leading driving schools in the transport industry. KDS is the only driving school in Qatar offering training solutions for industrial transportation requirements, personal driving licensing needs and road safety needs in the GCC region. 

Training courses offered  - General driving license, Motorcycle licensing, Professional taxi driver training, Heavy bus licensing, Medium truck licensing, Professional bus driver training, Trailer licensing, Excavator licensing, Forklift licensing, Loader licensing, Mobile crane licensing, ADR dangerous goods driver training, CPC driver and manager training, Defensive driving training, DGSA training, Emergency vehicle driver safety program, Heavy equipment safety operations training, Professional limousine driver training, Safe loading and cargo securing training, Very narrow aisle and Electronic pallet stacker training.

Facilities - Free transportation, International driving license, Eye test.

Location and Contact Details of  Karwa Driving School 

Course Fees -

Light Vehicle Fee includes training fee, learner permit, theory and police test.


Heavy Vehicle Fee


4) Al Khebra Driving Academy

Al Khebra Driving Academy, Qatar

The Al Khebra Driving Academy was founded on May, 2007, with a mission of providing exemplary driving education. A key goal and mission of the academy is to train novice drivers and improve the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of the State of Qatar's Highway Transportation System (HTS). The company offers multilingual theory classes in Arabic, English, Hindi, and Malayalam. Driver Education instructors are fully qualified, licensed, and certified by the Traffic Police Department (Ministry of the Interior).

Training courses offered - Platinum training course, VIP training course, Light vehicle training course, Heavy vehicle training course, Equipment training course, Motorcycle training course.

Location and Contact Details of Al Khebra Driving Academy 

Course Fees


5) United Driving School

United Driving School

United Driving School has been in Qatar since 1997, offering comprehensive and fully organized training sessions. They have the most experienced trainers who are well versed in the latest technology and mechanisms. They offer both in-class and online driver education. Their flexible classes allow students to take classes at their own pace and in any order they wish.

Training courses offered - Light and Heavy vehicles.

Location and Contact Details of United Driving School 

Course Fees


6) Doha Driving Academy

The Doha Driving Academy was established in 1985 with the vision of delivering quality services to its clients. Using the latest driving techniques recommended by the Traffic Department - Qatar, the training standards and driving tuition methods are constantly updated. Their pioneering initiatives include the Disabled Driver Training Program in Qatar. People who cannot use foot pedals can benefit from this training course using adaptive hand-controlled vehicles. They have a team of highly qualified, expert and licensed instructors from different nationalities.

Training courses offered - VIP driving course, Light motor vehicle driving course, Motorcycle driving course, Heavy bus driving course, Heavy vehicles driving course, Forklift driving course, Direct test procedure, Platinum driving course, Driver skill refresher course, Road only training course.

Facilities - Customer care division, Get trained in DDA’s large and modern training yard, Driving simulators, Lecture hall, Modern vehicles across all categories, Eye-Test centres, Cafeteria & KIOSK, Waiting lounge and In-house file opening and license issuing facility.

Location and Contact Details of Doha Driving Academy 

Course Fees - Theory class cost QR 350. The number of sessions in a full course theory class varies between 30, 40, and 45. A half course theory class varies between 15, 20 and 25 sessions.


7) Gulf Driving School

Gulf Driving School, Qatar

Gulf Driving School aims to be the most efficient and competitive driving institute in Qatar by providing top-notch customer service, professional advice, and comprehensive driving training to their students. The purpose of their service is to provide clients with highly skilled drivers & riders to reduce road accidents & fleet costs, and to increase road safety & responsibility. The language of instruction is English, Arabic, and Urdu. If you need instructions in any other language, please contact them.

Training courses offered - Motorcycles, Light vehicles, Heavy vehicles

Facilities - Traffic file opening, Separate waiting rooms (male/female), Eye test, License issuing, Cafeteria, Transportation, Call center, Registration area, Auto workshop, Cashiers, Information desk, ATM (soon).

Location and Contact Details of Gulf Driving School Doha 

Location and Contact Details of Gulf Driving School Mesaieed

Course Fees


8) Qatar Driving Learning Institute

Qatar Driving Learning Institute, Qatar

The Qatar Driving Learning Institute offers excellent service to their clients, helping them become competent drivers and gain confidence on the road. They have professionals with good verbal, personal, cognitive, and motor skills and experience working with different types of people with differing personalities. The client can choose the coach of their choice based on nationality, language, and gender.

Training courses offered - Motorcycle, Light vehicles, Heavy vehicles and Learn by simulator.

Location and Contact Details of Qatar Driving Learning Institute 

Course Fees


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