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When the weather gets hot and humid in Qatar, air conditioning (AC) is an absolute necessity. Air conditioning (AC) system inefficiency or breakdown can cause discomfort and inconvenience in your home or workplace. In order to quickly diagnose and fix any problems with your AC system, you need to have a reliable AC repair service provider. In Qatar, AC service providers typically fix leaks, replace faulty parts, clean filters, check and adjust refrigerant levels, and conduct regular maintenance to maintain optimal performance of the AC. Their services include installation of new air conditioning (AC) systems and replacement of old ones. Choose a company that has experience with the type of air conditioning (AC) system you have installed. Ensure that their technicians are highly qualified and experienced before hiring them to handle your AC repair needs.

Listed below are AC repair services in Qatar. Depending on what kind of service you need, the area, and the cost, you can choose any of them.

AC service providers in Qatar

1) AC Repair Services in Qatar: They are the best source of AC repair and maintenance, having 12 years' experience as a company in Qatar. Their primary goal is customer satisfaction. Services are available 24/7 with an experienced technician.

Location and Contact Details of AC Repair Services 

2) AC Service in Qatar
Contact No - +974 55117296

AC service providers in Doha

3) Al Hattab Holding: The company provides residential and commercial clients with AC installation, repair, and maintenance services. Their technicians are experienced in handling various types of AC equipment.

Location and Contact Details of Al Hattab Holding

4) Al Malki Trading and Contracting Co. : AL Malki Trading & Contracting Company or ATC, is an ISO certified company in Qatar. In addition to an exclusive York Unitary Products showroom, ATC has a well-equipped service centre and spare parts store. The company provides air conditioning repair services in Qatar for both residential and commercial properties. An experienced team of technicians can handle different types of air conditioning systems.

Location and Contact Details of Al Malki Trading and Contracting Co

5) Red Rock AC Repair And Service: They provide professional air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance in Doha and the surrounding areas. Their team can assist with a variety of minor and major services including AC refill gas, cleaning, and more. In addition, they buy and sell used air conditioners.

Location and Contact Details of Red Rock 

6) Hegy International: Throughout Doha Qatar, Hegy International offers AC maintenance services with their experienced and knowledgeable AC maintenance experts. Air conditioning services include new AC installation (equipment and ductwork), service of any type of air conditioner, repair and replacement, and commercial refrigeration service. Priority is given to emergency air conditioning repairs.

Location and Contact Details of Hegy International

7) Qserve AC maintenance: A professional home service provider in Qatar, Q Serve is the one stop shop for personalised home services. Their services include AC repair, pest control, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, tiling, deep cleaning, packing and moving and more.

Location and Contact Details of Qserve

8) Al Aliya Refrigerator & Ac House: In Doha Qatar, they offer a wide range of AC repair and maintenance services at an affordable price. They offer 24-hour service for refilling AC gas, relocating, cleaning, etc.

Location and Contact Details of Al Aliya

9) Universal Cooling System: They provide air conditioning services in Doha, Qatar, as well as HVAC repair. Their technicians are certified, licensed, and professional. Work of the highest quality is guaranteed.

Location and Contact Details of the Universal Cooling System

10) Luna AC House & Refrigeration: Located in Doha Qatar, Luna Ac House has been maintaining and servicing AC systems for more than ten years. A brilliant team of technicians works for them. Their services include maintenance and repair of AC, refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher. Second-hand air conditioners are also sold and bought by them.

Location and Contact Details of Luna

11) Marine Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Co.: At the most competitive prices, MARC offers an entire range of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) services for industrial and commercial facilities as well as maintenance services for existing facilities. They guarantee cost-effectiveness and sustainability in their work.

Location and Contact Details of Marine Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Co.

12) Doha Cool and Fog: Founded in 2009, Doha Cool and Fog provides outdoor cooling systems. The HVAC technicians at their company are highly skilled and receive ongoing training in the latest repair techniques and cutting-edge equipment. Their flat rate pricing is accompanied by 24-hour emergency HVAC service. Air conditioners are installed, repaired, and serviced by them. Their services also include the repair of vehicle air conditioning systems, freezers and coolers, insulation, and piping.

Location and Contact Details of Doha Cool and Fog 

13) AC Repair in Doha Qatar: The firm repairs, services, maintains, buys, and sells AC units in Doha Qatar.

Location and Contact Details of AC Repair in Doha Qatar

14) Ac Service Doha: The firm is located in Doha and offers services such as air conditioning repair, cleaning, gas refilling, AC installation, selling and buying AC.

Location and Contact Details of Ac Service Doha 

15) AC Workshop: This is an air conditioning repair shop in Doha offering all kinds of AC repairs, fixings, and maintenance. The services include air conditioner maintenance, installation, cleaning, water leak detection, and gas filling.

Location and Contact Details of AC Workshop 

16) Jewel AC Repair Services: They offer the best quality and timely AC repair services provided by professional and certified technicians. It is located at Street 863, Najma, Doha, Qatar. Their services include AC maintenance, repair, servicing, removing and re-fixing. The company even buys and sells old air conditioners. 

Location and Contact Details of Jewel AC Repair Services

17) Salata Air Condition Workshop: The shop is one of the oldest in Wakra, Doha. Their services include repair and sale of AC throughout Doha, Wakra, and neighbouring areas. The company also repairs and services washing machines and refrigerators. 

Location and Contact Details of Salata 

18) Express Fix: AC repair and installation for commercial and residential buildings, as well as electrical and plumbing maintenance. Our technicians at Express Fix know how important it is to maintain a quality air conditioning system in Qatar, as well as the challenges involved. The team maintains exceptional standards of AC servicing while diagnosing and repairing any AC fault, all backed by a comprehensive 3-month warranty.

Location and Contact Details of Express Fix 

19) Green Minds AC Repair Doha 

Location and Contact Details of Green Minds 

20) AC Repair-Shakthi Engineering

Location and Contact Details of Shakthi Engineering

21) Rome Air Conditioner

Location and Contact Details of Rome Air Conditioner

22) Hawaa Al Madina: AC fixing and repairing in Doha, Qatar. 

Location and Contact Details of Hawaa Al Madina

23) AC Maintenance Services Repair: All types of AC-related problems can be repaired with AC Repair service. Their professional service providers provide expert AC repair services with integrity.

Location and Contact Details of AC Maintenance Services Repair

24) Al Markhiya Air Conditioning: The company specializes in the maintenance and installation of all types of air conditioning and refrigeration units, whether commercial or domestic. When it comes to diagnosing and repairing existing systems, the certified technicians use state of the art technology, and they always use the best equipment on new installations. The company offers emergency services 24/7, but only on a contract basis.

Location and Contact Details of Al Markhiya Air Conditioning

25) Air Condition & Re-Servicing Centre

Location and Contact Details of Air Condition & Re Servicing Centre

26) Westfield Air Condition Services

Location and Contact Details of Westfield Air Condition Services 

27) Technoworld Air Conditioning WLL: They do all types of AC services, refrigerators, electrical work, plumbing work, and ductwork for commercial and residential properties. They offer 24-hour service.

Location and Contact Details of Technoworld Air Conditioning WLL

28) SKM Air Conditioning

Location and Contact Details of SKM Air Conditioning 

Some more AC service providers in Doha

- AC Maintenance Sales and Services in Qatar
Contact No - +974 55934489

- Laffan Refrigeration and AC (HVAC) 
Contact No - +974 44421311, +974 44420330

- AC Maintenance Repair & Services, Doha Qatar
Contact No - +974 33493376

- Ac Service Ac repair Ac Sell/buying Ac maintenance In Doha Qatar 
Contact No - +974 33326213

AC service providers in Industrial Area

29) Teyseer Airconditioning & Refrigeration Co. W.L.L. : Teyseer AC is the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries WLL, Japan in Qatar, offering a wide range of energy-efficient residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning systems. They provide the following services such as service and maintenance of all Mitsubishi heavy industries air-conditioning units. Design, testing, installation and commissioning of VRF Multi-Split Systems and fabrication installation of pre-insulated duct.

Location and Contact Details of Teyseer 

30) United Electronics Company: As the sole distributor of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners and appliances, United Electronics Company was founded in 1982. Each UNITCO branch houses a showroom, service center, warehouse, and a team of electromechanical engineers to provide localized solutions.

Location and Contact Details of United Electronics Company 

31) Al Sulaithi Modern Development:  Established in 1985, the company provides air-conditioning services to both the commercial and residential sectors in Qatar. Currently, the company is part of the contracting sector of Al Sulaithi Group of Companies. They provide maintenance, contracting, and spare parts services.

Location and Contact Details of Al Sulaithi Industrial Area 

32) Q-Tec Group Ltd: Providing mechanical (refrigeration/HVAC/fire fighting), electrical, and plumbing services through a team of highly experienced professionals, executing projects on time, on budget, and with quality in mind. Since 1998, they have been providing top-quality operations and maintenance services for electrical equipment, HVAC systems, and refrigeration systems in and around Qatar.

Location and Contact Details of Q-Tec Group Ltd 

AC service providers in Ar- Rayyan

33) Al Gawas AC Repair, AC Service, AC Maintenance and Plumbing: Al Gawas is located in Ar-Rayyan. Their services include service and repair of air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines.

Location and Contact Details of Al Gawas

34) Makkah Electrical AC Repairing: In Qatar, they are located in Ar-Rayyan. There is a 24-hour service available at their facility.

Location and Contact Details of Makkah Electrical AC Repairing

Some more AC service providers in Ar- Rayyan

- General Air Condition Repair Shop 
Contact No - +974 44500066

AC service providers in Al- Rayyan

35) Blue Star Qatar WLL: With over seven decades' experience in providing expert solutions in the building, industrial, and infrastructure sectors, Blue Star Qatar WLL is a subsidiary of Blue Star Limited, India's leading company. For residential, commercial, and industrial clients, Blue Star Qatar WLL handles central air conditioning and MEP contracts.

Location and Contact Details of Blue Star Qatar 

36) Qatar Home Maintenance Team: A complete home renovation and maintenance company in Qatar, 24 hr Home Maintenance GCC offers a range of services. Among the services they provide are AC repair, plumbing, electrical, fit-out, and decoration. They provide 24 hour service.

Location and Contact Details of Qatar Home Maintenance Team 

AC service providers in Azizia

37) Arctic Cooling Company - ACC: The company has been serving Qatar since 1996 in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, maintenance, repair, and spare parts sales for almost all brands. In addition to providing annual maintenance, they also offer on-call service for AC units, refrigerators, and washing machines.

Location and Contact Details of Arctic Cooling Company - ACC 

38) Mezab Air Conditioning

Location and Contact Details of Mezab Air Conditioning 

AC service providers in Umm Salal Muhammed

39) Classic House Maintenance Service: In Umm Salal Mohammed, Qatar, They provide air conditioning repair services.

Location and Contact Details of Classic House 

AC service providers in Al Wakrah

40) AC Maintenance: They provide 24 hours service. Their services include AC installation, maintenance, repair, cleaning and more. They even repair refrigerator.

Location and Contact Details of AC Maintenance 

AC service providers in Salwa Road

41) Darwish Trading Co. WLL: Darwish Trading Company's service center is equipped with sophisticated machines for identifying and calibrating appliances. Their dedicated staff installs and maintains ACVR equipment for in-house and field jobs and are trained continuously to ensure accurate fault diagnosis and quality workmanship. Competitive prices and good service are of the utmost importance. Aside from attending to individual breakdowns, they also offer annual AC maintenance contracts.

Location and Contact Details of Darwish Trading Co. WLL 

AC service providers in Muaither

42) Team Cool Air Condition and Chiller Repairs Qatar: Team Cool WLL performs a wide range of repairs on commercial and residential air conditioning systems, packaged units, and FCUs. In addition to having well-trained and motivated employees, they provide clients with the highest quality of service. Air conditioning equipment repair and fault diagnosis are areas in which their highly qualified technicians have experience. The company guarantees that the quality of their services will be exceptional and professional.

Location and Contact Details of Team Cool

 AC service providers in Al Sadd

43) Daikin Trading and Air Conditioning Solutions: A leader in climate control solutions with over 98 years of experience. They offer several support services to ensure the system continues to perform at its best throughout its lifecycle. You will always find a Daikin Service specialist in your area ready to assist whenever you need it. In addition to supporting Daikin products, their service teams also handle other brands.

Location and Contact Details of Daikin Trading and Air Conditioning Solutions

AC service providers in West Bay

44) Johnson Controls Qatar: A large selection of HVAC equipment and controls is offered by Johnson Controls throughout the world. Designed to meet any need, they offer an array of efficient, flexible, and high-performance systems. 

Location and Contact Details of Johnson Controls

Apps for AC Service Providers

45) Service Market Doha Qatar: In the Middle East, they are the largest marketplace for home services. In order to provide the best service to their customers, they have partnered with the best companies in Doha. You can book your service directly with them online.

ServiceMarket Website
Download the ServiceMarket App for Android
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46) Mzad Qatar: The biggest marketplace in Qatar.

Mzad Qatar App Website 
Download the Mzad Qatar App for Android 
Download the Mzad Qatar App for IOS

Cost of AC Repair Services in Qatar

Depending on the complexity of the repair required, the type of AC system, and the service provider you choose, the cost of AC repair can vary significantly. Prior to making a final decision, it is recommended that you get quotes from several service providers and compare their prices and services. 

You can ensure better comfort and a pleasant environment in your home or workplace when you hire a reliable AC repair service provider in Qatar. We hope this article helped you choose the best AC service provider for your needs. We would appreciate any comments you may have about your experience or any other service providers you think should be included. 


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