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A recruitment agency can be a good source of help if you are trying to find a job in Qatar. Apart from the CVs you submit to job portals, you also need to consider asking for help from recruitment agencies. In Qatar, there are many companies that provide employment consultancy services. The role of recruitment agencies is to assist employers in finding appropriate employees and candidates in finding appropriate job opportunities. As a middleman, they connect employers with candidates. 

The following is a list of the Recruitment Agencies in Qatar:

1) C2HR LLP Recruitment Agency in Qatar

The C2HR manpower agency in Qatar, Malaysia and India specializes in staffing, recruiting, and human resource management. Among other manpower recruitment offices in Qatar, their motto of 'Best Quality Service' has always kept them ahead of the competition. No matter what you need, be it a housemaid or a doctorate holder anywhere in the world, they would be at your disposal.

Location and Contact Details of C2HR

2) Brunel Recruitment Services

Brunel offers a wide range of services to oil and gas, renewables and infrastructure companies. Their main areas of focus are project management, technical and geosciences, project engineering and IT support. Their team is available 24/7. They have a unique understanding of sector needs and company expectations due to their close collaboration with these companies.

Location and Contact Details of Brunel Recruitment Services

3) KEO International Consultants

With professionals from over 60 countries, KEO has experience in every major market in the world. The company specializes in planning, architecture, engineering, sustainability, project and construction management, making it one of the world's largest and most respected consulting firms. 

Location and Contact Details of KEO International Consultants

4) People Dynamics

A group of human resources professionals founded People Dynamics in 2007. Their recruitment services include executive search, middle and senior management search, HR consulting and professional staffing. For corporate clients, they started offering the best recruitment and staffing solutions. Currently, they provide reliable HR services in more than 20 countries. With their expertise in business culture, their recruiters design a customized recruitment process based on the needs of their clients.

Location and Contact Details of People Dynamics 

5) Swan Global

The Ministry of Labor, Qatar has awarded and recognized Swan Global for their continuous efforts toward revolutionizing the recruitment process. They offer a wide range of services that can be scaled to meet any industry's needs, whether it is for the short-term or the long-term, for O&G or hospitality, for blue collar, gray collar, or white collar expertise. The recruitment process at Swan Global consists of ten steps. In their systems, exceptional talent is identified, onboarded, and deployed rapidly across borders.

Location and Contact Details of Swan Global 

6) Kintec Global

Kintec was founded in 2001 to provide technical staff and senior managers to the oil and gas, energy & utilities, petrochemical industries and pharmaceutical. As a Kintec client or candidate, you'll gain access to the talent and expertise that makes your business successful. They have mature, experienced, business professionals who have a wide range of technical qualifications and industry recruitment experience. They offer contract recruitment, permanent recruitment and managed services.

Location and Contact Details of Kintec Global 

7) NES Fircroft

As the world's leading engineering staffing provider in the oil & gas, power & renewables, infrastructure, life sciences, mining, automotive, and chemical sectors, NES Fircroft has more than 90 years of combined experience delivering workforce solutions to the global energy industry. With a dedicated, discipline-specific team of consultants, they provide tailored staffing solutions sourced from a global talent pool. The NES Fircroft team offers a full range of staffing solutions, including contract, permanent hire, managed solutions, and fully outsourced staffing services.

Location and Contact Details of NES Fircroft 

8) Airswift

World-leading companies in Qatar trust Airswift for their workforce solutions. In addition to recruitment, they also provide executive search, labour outsourcing, contract staffing, permanent hire, and contingent labour sourcing to a number of sectors, including oil and gas, renewable energy, construction projects, power, petrochemicals and infrastructure. Their local knowledge and expertise enable them to provide in-country services. Qatar country requirements and local labour laws are respected by their team. They provide clients and contractors with a variety of workforce solutions. 

Location and Contact Details of Airswift

9) Qatar International Manpower and Recruitment Agency

Established in 2015, they are proud to be among the top ten manpower agencies in Qatar. All manpower services are provided, recruiting is conducted to private and public sectors, and all kinds of workers are deployed, including workers in fields such as labor, administration, technical, and senior sectors. Additionally, Qatar International provides housemaids, private nurses, nannies, tutors & caregivers to Qatari National homes.

 Location and Contact Details of Qatar International Manpower and Recruitment Agency

10) Petroplan 

In the oil and gas sector, Petroplan is able to support international recruitment through its recruitment experts and global connections. To provide a tailored talent solution for oil and gas jobs in Qatar, they always consider local labour laws and market drivers. With their proven service and support, they can meet the unique needs of each candidate. The company recruits for contract hire, permanent positions, and executive positions in Qatar oil and gas.

Location and Contact Details of Petroplan

11) AL Noof Recruitment Services

With deep industry knowledge and professional networks, Al Noof's recruitment consultants offer real-world experience in their area of expertise. Their flexible approach allows you to choose the recruitment and HR services that best suit your needs. Prior to selecting candidates, they verify employees' credentials and organize skill workshops to test their skills. Their clients are then offered customized services according to their needs.

Location and Contact Details of AL Noof Recruitment Services

12) Management Solutions International (MSI)

Management Solutions International (MSI) is a leading Human Resources Consultancy with over 30 years of experience, working with prominent Government / Semi-Government, Multi-national Companies and SMEs. Since their consultants have industry knowledge, they are able to understand their clients' businesses and can offer unique perspectives that help clarify their needs and improve hiring quality.

Location and Contact Details of Management Solutions International (MSI)

13) Clan International Resources

Clan International is your one-stop manpower solution.  They are focused on revolutionizing the way the world engages with IT, providing logical solutions to people and businesses to solve problems and providing the best customer experience in the market they serve.

Location and Contact Details of Clan International Resources 

14) Premium Solutions Consultancy

A management consulting firm, Premium Solutions Consulting serves government, semi-government, and private businesses. The company is considered one of the most effective in attracting, shortlisting, selecting, and appointing qualified candidates for jobs (either in blue or white collar) in all industries, including construction, engineering, oil & gas, medical, finance and audit, sales, IT, hospitality, security, education and more, using a wide range of technologies that facilitate all recruitment processes. To build the highest standards of recruitment & HR development, they unite talent with opportunities.

Location and Contact Details of Premium Solutions Consultancy

15) Mahad Manpower

Founded in 2010, Mahad Manpower Qatar offers specialized manpower solutions that fit the recruitment needs of its customers and partners. They offer jobs in all industries, whether blue-collar or white-collar jobs. Professionals with knowledge and passion are attracted, recruited, and retained by them. They provide the highest quality professional services to address business issues. The company has several employers and partners in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, and Bahrain. 

Location and Contact Details of Mahad Manpower 

16) MAYKS Recruitment Agency 

Small and mid-sized businesses can count on MAYKS Recruitment Agency for professional HR support. Clients will be inspired, educated and innovated by their knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff. Clients can benefit from customized HR consulting services and products. This will help them to optimize employee productivity, sales revenue and realise their business goals and objectives.

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