Application Is Under Process For Family Visa In Qatar?
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Qatar grants a variety of visas to its inhabitants and residents. However, one permit is the Qatar family travel work permit, which enables foreigners living in Qatar to sponsor their relatives to move there permanently. Every member of the family, even neonates, must have a Family Residence Visa to continue in Qatar. Please continue reading to learn more about Application is under process for Family visa in Qatar, its specifications, the documentation required, and more.

Application is under process for Family visa in Qatar Apply:

Step 1: Applying for the Visa online or offline.
Online Application:
The methods listed below make it simple to submit a visa application online:
•    It is essential to first install and activate the Metrash2 (iOS, Android) app on your smartphone.
•    Join your Metrash2 account by launching the app.
•    The "Visa" icon will display on the screen. Choose it.
•    After that, click the "Family Visit" and "Issue Visa" icons.
•    From either the drop-down list, choose "Family Resident Application."
•    Select "New Application" and correctly enter the visitor's private details, including gender, relationship, date of birth, passport information, etc.
•    To continue, choose "I accept on the veracity of the data."

Because once registration has already been accepted and validated, you will be notified quickly to proceed with the fund transfer.

Offline Application:
You can apply for a Qatar family visit visa offline by following the below steps.
•    You can obtain the Family Residence Visa application form from this page.
•    Obtain the form from the Al Gharrafa Immigration Department and submit it along with the required documentation (Google location).
•    Stand for your turn after receiving your imaginary registration from the front desk.
•    When it's your chance, give the departmental director all the paperwork.
Again when the application was already accepted and validated, you will be notified shortly after that. After that, you must continue with the fund transfer.

Step 2: Enter Qatar with Entry Visa:
Your partner and kids can enter Qatar on a visit visa when you have finished all the requirements in the country. Considering that the visit visa is only suitable for one month, you must finish the remainder of the application procedure, including the physical and fingerprint checks, during that time. To find out more Application under process for Family visa in Qatar, requirements and extension process, check out our article visa.

Qatar Family Residence Visa Requirements 2022:
Residence Permit:
In reality, you may only get a moi visa for a single project if you also have a legal Qatar ID and permanent residency from a governmental or private firm.
Employment status:

When requesting a visa, you have to:
Obtain a monthly salary of at least 10,000 QR while working abroad.
Having worked for your company for six months and would like to invite your entire relatives to reside with you in Qatar.

Professional status:
professional status is also important in the topic of Application under process for Family visa in Qatar?
The Qatar ID specifies that the company's credentials must be professional or specialized, independent of their salary. Developers, plumbers, and other members of the working population are prohibited from relocating their families to Qatar or applying for a family residence visa.

Qatar Family Residence Visa documentation required:
The required paperwork is necessitated to apply for a family residence visa in Qatar:
1.    Submitted a form (only while applying offline).
2.    Copy of a Qatar ID card.
3.    Passport picture (front page with name, photo, and other identification).
4.    photocopies of each person in the family traveling to Qatar's passports
5.    certified true copy of the marriage certificate
6.    For each kid, a true certified copy of their birth certificate.
7.    All of your diplomas must be in photocopy.
8.    A note of no complaint from your corporation outlining your qualifications and earnings (written in Arabic and dated within the last three months.)
9.    Employer QID Copy or Business Registration Cards.
10.    Copy the rental contract that the municipality has certified or company evidence.
11.    A bank account with your six-month wage rate marked on it.
12.    The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor, and Social Welfare has approved the employment contract.

Qatar Family Residence Visa Cost:
Family Residence Visa Cost in Qatar is important in the topic of Application under process for Family visa in Qatar? The following are the visa fees throughout the complete application process:
•    The application fees for Qatar family visas (online and offline) are QR 200.
•    QR 500 can get you a one-year Qatar ID card.
•    Medical Evaluation: QR 100.

Qatar Family Residence Visa processing period:
Every procedure's waiting period, such as documentary submission confirmation, finishing the physical exam, and biometric scanning, will take several days. The Metrash2 app will provide insights into your application's progress. Your visa will be "in review" or "under process" until that point.
Every family member's passport receives a stamp for the Family Residence Visa, which can be obtained for 1 to 5 years.

In this article, we discussed about Application under process for Family visa in Qatar?  A family residence visa enables a foreigner to register his close relatives immediately. His wife and kids are part of his family. They are welcome to stay in Qatar for an extended period.

You will learn about the necessary paperwork, visa costs, and procedures to apply for a family residency visa. You'll understand precisely Application is under process for Family visa in Qatar?

Q. What is the procedure for finding out the status of your Qatar family visit visa?
A. Access the Inquiries >> Visa Services >> Visa Application Monitoring section of the MoI webpage to monitor the progress of your visa for a family visit to Qatar. You can see the progress of your visitor's visa by carefully entering all the necessary information.

Q. What Is Qatar Family Visit Visa Validity?
A. A spouse visit visa to Qatar is available for one month. Who has the authority to extend the duration of the visa to six months for immediate family (wife, kids, and parents) and a maximum of three months for other friends and family?

Q. What Causes Qatar to Reject a Family Visa?
A. Visa for family travel The primary factor in Qatar's visa denial is the income or occupation of the sponsors. Your visa will be denied if the salary is $20,000, but the RP indicates that you make less than an expert.



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