How To Replace Lost Or Damaged Qatar ID (QID)
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Qatar ID, also known as QID, is the national identity card issued by the government of Qatar to its citizens, residents, and foreign workers. The Qatar ID serves as proof of identity and residency. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including opening a bank account, obtaining a driving license, accessing government services and more. In Qatar, QID is probably the most important card or document you can possess. In case you lose, misplace or damage it, you can replace it with a few simple steps. If you are sponsored by your company, your HR department or PRO can replace it for you. Detailed information about the online and offline procedures is provided below.

Procedure for Replacing QID

Online through e-service portal

A resident who has lost or damaged their QID or residence card may apply online through the Ministry of Interior's (MOI) website. The procedure is quite simple and can be done through the e-services portal. Following are the instructions you need to follow through the e-services portal.

1) Using your smartcard, first log in to the e-services portal of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) by clicking the MOI Services tab and selecting the E-services option.

2) If you don't have an account with the MOI e-portal, you may register for the services using your smart card.

3) Upon logging in, click on the "Residency Services" tab and then select the service type "Replace Lost or Replace Damaged" depending upon your request.

4) The expat who wants to apply for an ID card should enter their information along with their mobile number and click "Next". This can be either for himself or herself or for one of his or her family members.

5) The next step is to select your delivery option. You can either personally collect from the Expatriates Affairs Department or via a mail courier through Qatar Postal Services Company, and click the "Next" button.

6) If the mail courier delivery option is selected, an address must be entered, as well as the information validity checkbox should be ticked.

7) Be sure to review all the information before proceeding.

8) The next step is to pay the fees using a debit card or credit card.

9) A receipt will be shown to the applicant after successful payment. The acknowledgement receipt can be printed for reference.


Apply through the Metrash2 App 

A lost or damaged QID or residence permit can also be requested through the Metrash2 App. Following are the instructions you need to follow.

1) You need to login to the Metrash2 App on your phone.

2) Select the "Residency" icon.

3) Choose "Replace damaged/lost ID" from the menu.

4) The next step is to select service type that you need - lost or damaged, enter your QID number, and click the next button.

5) Choose the delivery option for your new Qatar ID or residence permit. Your choice of delivery method is either mail courier or in-person collection at your nearest service center.

6) If the mail courier delivery option is selected, enter the address to which the ID card should be delivered.

7) Be sure to check all the details and make sure they are accurate before proceeding.

8) Using a credit or debit card, pay the required fees.

Apply In-Person for QID Card Replacement

Step 1: Get a Police Report

1) You should contact the police to report the loss or damage of the QID or residence card. A police report is a prerequisite for making an application.

2) Attach this police report with your application for replacement of the lost or damaged QID or residence card.

Step 2: Apply for a Residence Card

1) The expatriate resident or employer who is offering sponsorship can handle the next step of the application process by submitting an application to the Ministry of Interior's Expatriates Affairs Department. You can download and fill in the application form from the MOI website. Further, the process can be completed by visiting the Expatriates Affairs Department offices in person.

2) The application can also be made in person at the Immigration Service Center in Gharrafa (Entrance 2 - Residence section). Lost ID cards are processed between 6.30am and 12pm during the morning hours.

3) At reception obtain a token for the lost permit category. You will be directed to the "Lost Permit" counter in a short while.

4) You will need to present the documents required at the counter. The required documents are listed below. You will be given an application form which you must fill and submit for a replacement Resident Permit.

5) Pay the required fees for the card. You will need a debit or credit card since they do not accept cash.

6) Make sure you submit the application form and all required documents at the counter along with the acknowledgement receipt.

7) Your replacement application will be reviewed by Department officials, and if everything is in order, the replacement process will begin.

8) Upon completion of the process, the applicant will be notified and a renewed residency permit or QID will be issued.

Documents Required

Documents required for the replacement of a Lost QID or Residence ID Card

1) A copy of a new valid passport

2) A copy of the employer's ID or smart card

3) Loss report from the security authorities (Inside or Outside Qatar)

4) A passport size photo

5) No objection letter from your sponsor to replace your ID with a new one

6) Copy of residence permit

Documents required for the replacement of Damaged QID or Residence ID card

1) A original damaged QID or residence card

2) A copy of a valid passport

3) Damage report from the certified security authorities (Inside or Outside Qatar)

4) A passport size photo

5) No objection letter from your sponsor regarding the replacement of your ID

6) Copy of residence permit


Process Time

It takes one day to process the request.


The replacement fee for a lost or damaged ID card is QR 200, plus QR20  for mail courier delivery (if applicable). Payment can be made by credit card or debit card.

Additional Instructions:

-Applicants must be inside the country while applying for the card.
-If you need to replace a lost QID card, you must submit an “Implicit” security notification for the lost card.


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