How To Report A Minor Road Accident Using Metrash2 App
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Qatar has strict traffic rules but traffic accidents happen more often, and most of these accidents are minor. The General Directorate of Traffic has launched the Metrash2 app's Claim Accident service as part of its efforts to make public services more accessible through electronic systems. In case of a minor accident, users can file an accident report against an unknown person using the Metrash2 app on their mobile phones. As a result of a collaboration with the General Directorate of Information Systems of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), this service has been developed.

Road accidents are something none of us want to experience. If you ever happen to get into a car accident in Qatar, it is advisable to be aware of how to act and react in that situation. Below is a complete guide on how to report a minor accident via Metrash2. If you haven't downloaded the Metrash2 App, you can download the app for free from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Download the Metrash2 App for Android

Download the Metrash2 App for IOS


Required Documents

Documents needed to be uploaded in the Metrash2 App:

1) A Qatar ID,

2) Driving license,

3) Vehicle registration,

4) The insurance documents,

5) Photographs of the accident (Max. 4 photos of each vehicle)

Process to report a minor accident through Metrash2

Minor accidents between two vehicles can be reported via the Metrash2 mobile app instead of visiting the traffic investigation services in person.  In order to register the accident and obtain approval for vehicle repair, please follow the steps below:

1) The first step is to take the photo of the vehicles. You can take a maximum of four photos of each vehicle, with one clearly displaying the number plate.

2) The next step is to move your vehicles away from the accident scene to prevent traffic blocks. 

3) Location services should be enabled on your mobile device.

4) Upon logging into Metrash2, click "Traffic Services" and choose 'Accident Report'. 

5) Enter the details of both vehicles, including the vehicle number, the QID number, and the mobile number.

6) You must attach photos of both vehicles and agree that the data is valid by clicking on I agree on validity of data.

7) The report should be submitted for traffic investigation.

8) You will receive a notification SMS or text message asking you to wait for another message to complete the process.

9) Traffic investigators will review the accident photos and send text messages to both parties directing them to contact their insurance companies or obtain approval for the repair of their vehicle.

10) You can obtain a copy of the road accident report from MOI's website or through the concerned insurance company.

11) There is no charge for the service and the processing time is immediate.


- When responsibility for the accident is clear, the investigator will complete the report and file the accident report. Through MOI, SMS messages will be sent to both parties asking them to print insurance and repair reports (for the injured party) using the accident number sent.

- When the accident requires further investigation, the investigator will report that the investigation is incomplete. Both parties will be sent SMS messages asking them to report to the Traffic Department so the investigation can be completed.


Thank you for reading this article and we hope this helps you understand more about the reporting process for an accident. 

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