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Qatar is a peninsular Arab country on the Persian Gulf coast. In recent years, Doha has become one of the world's most popular tourist destinations due to its status as the country's capital and financial hub. This is primarily due to the fact that Doha has been acclaimed as one of the Seven New Wonder Cities of the World. As a result, the demand for Qatar visas has shot up in recent years. There are different types of Qatar visas like business visa, visit visa, tourist visa and more. According to their requirements, foreign citizens can apply for visas. In this article we will focus mainly on the 'Family Visit Visa'  along with the required documentation, the application process, its validity, the process of checking the visa's status and more.

Who can apply for a family visit visa in Qatar?

Applicants will be eligible for Qatar family visit visas only if they have a relative or family member working in Qatar and who will sponsor them. A Family Visit Visa is available for expatriate workers who wish to bring members of their families to Qatar for a short period of time. Visas are usually issued to immediate family members, but now they can also be issued to other relatives. 

Age Limit: Family visit visas have an age limit of 60 years. Metrash2 will not issue the visa application if the applicant is above 60 years. If so, you can check whether the visitor qualifies for a visa on arrival. It is strongly recommended that applicants reach out to the ministry before proceeding with the application process.

Salary Requirement: 

- A family visit visa in Qatar for children and spouse is issued to applicants with a salary of at least QAR 5,000.

- To apply for a visa in Qatar for other relatives, a minimum salary of QAR 10,000 is required.

Visa Validity: The issuance of a visa is valid for one month, and the validity can be extended for six months for immediate family members (wife and children) and three months for other relatives. 

Documents Required Family Visit Visa in Qatar

Visit Visa for Wife and Children

If you are applying for a visit visa through the Metrash app for your spouse and children, you will need to upload the following documents:

1) A copy of visitor's passport with a validity date of at least six months is required.

2) Documents proving relationship: birth certificates for children and notarized marriage certificates for wife.

3) A health insurance policy that is valid in Qatar.

4) A scanned copy of the return air ticket.

If you are applying offline directly at MOI Service Centers, the following documents may also be required:

1) An application form can be downloaded from MOI's website.

2) A copy of the Qatar ID of the applicant.

3) A copy of the company's card.

4) Letter of no objection from employer citing profession and salary.

5) A copy of the work contract notarized by the Labour Department.

Visit Visa for Other Relatives

In Qatar, only married expats can sponsor other relatives with a family visit visa.

The following documents must be uploaded when applying for a visit visa through the Metrash app:

1) A copy of visitor's passport with a validity date of at least six months is required.

2) Documents proving relationship: birth certificates, passport..etc

3) A health insurance policy that is valid in Qatar.

4) A scanned copy of the return air ticket.

Offline applications can be submitted at MOI Service Centers with the following documents:

1) An application form can be downloaded from MOI's website.

2) A copy of the Qatar ID of the applicant.

3) Copy of wife's Qatar ID (if she's a resident).

4) A copy of the company's card.

5) Letter of no objection from employer citing profession and salary.

6) A copy of the work contract notarized by the Labour Department.

In the case of newborns, the following documents are required:

1) The child's original passport.

2) Two passport-sized photos against a white background are preferred.

3) An original birth certificate.

4) A copy of the applicant's residence permit and the mother's visa.

Process for Applying for a Qatar Family Visit Visa - Online and Offline Process

Online Process for applying for a Qatar family visit visa through Metrash2

1) You must first open the Metrash2 application and log in.

2) If you have not registered make sure to download and register the Metrash2 application on your mobile phone.

3) Choose the "Visa" icon from the screen.

4) Next, select "Issue Visa" followed by the "Family Visit" icon.

5) Choose the application type as “Family Visa Application”.

6) Please click on "New Application", and fill in accurate information about the visitor, including his or her gender, relationships, date of birth, and passport details.

7) Continue by selecting "I agree to the validity of the data.".

8) Now you will be required to upload visitor documents, such as birth certificates, passport copies, and more, into the system. Ensure that the document scans or images are clear and readable. When uploading a passport, make sure the photo and bio pages are on the same side. A JPG file must be created by combining both photos or scans.

9) Click on 'Next' after uploading all the required documents.

10) As the final step, confirm that you have uploaded all your documents.

11) The applicant will be notified if there are any missing documents. After all documents are reviewed and approved, an application number will be issued to the applicant.

12) Once the visa application has been approved and verified, the applicant will have to pay the fees. Using Metrash2, you can make a payment.

13) As soon as payment has been completed, download the visitor's visa copy from the Ministry of Interior website and send it to the visitor.

Offline Process for applying for a Qatar family visit visa at MOI Service Centers

1) Download the family visit visa application form from the MOI website or get it filled out at a typing center.

2) Fill up the form and take it to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) service center along with all the required documents.

3) You will need a token from reception to begin the process. 

4) Once your number appears on the screen, proceed to the counter and submit your documents.

5) There is a possibility that the person at the counter will accept the form or might write some comments on the application form and ask you to meet the officer for final approval.

6) After asking you a few questions, the officer will decide whether to accept your application.

7) If the officer is satisfied with your answers, you will receive a receipt and will be asked to wait for two to three days.

8) There will be a link on your receipt that you can use to check your Qatar family visit visa status online after 2 working days. The Metrash 2 application can also be used to check the visa status.

9) If your visa is approved, you should return to the MOI center and submit a copy of your receipt.

10) Once you submit that receipt, you will need to pay the visa fee at the center or online through Metrash 2.

11) As soon as you pay the fee, you will receive a printout copy of your family visit visa. 

12) Tickets for your visitors can now be booked.

13) You can also download the visa from the Ministry of Interior's website.

How to Check Family Visit Visa Status?

You can check the status of your Qatar family visit visa by visiting the MOI website, clicking on Inquiries, then selecting Visa Services, followed by Visa Approval Tracking. By providing all the required information accurately, you will be able to check the status of your visit visa. 

Health Insurance 

Foreign residents and visitors to Qatar will need health insurance that covers the duration of their stay and the monthly insurance premium is QAR 50. When applying for a visit visa via the Ministry of Interior (Qatar Visas) website or Metrash App, visitors will be directed to the Ministry of Public Health's website where they can select one of the insurance companies registered with the Ministry to buy a visitors' policy. The Ministry will then issue the appropriate visit visa with the effective date being the date of entry at any borders. It is necessary to purchase a new insurance policy if any visitor wishes to extend their stay in Qatar.

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Extending the Visit Visa

To extend a family visit visa, relatives or family members must undergo a medical check-up. Tests will be conducted to screen the applicant for HIV, hepatitis B/C, and tuberculosis, and if any of the test results are positive, the extension application will be denied. If you pass the medical examination, visitors can extend their visit visa through the Metrash mobile app / MOI website or at any MOI center.


A Qatar family visit visa costs QAR 200 and QAR 50 per month for each registered companion or dependent. You can extend the visa by paying QAR 200 per month and QAR 50 per month for a companion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

1) What if the visit visa application status is 'under review' and 'under process'?

Ans. There is no need to worry if the status of your application changes between these two. Mostly, applications will be approved within days of a status change.

2) What should I do if my family visit visa is rejected?

In any case if your family visit visa gets rejected, you can request a meeting with the visa approval committee at the Gharafa Immigration Office.

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