How To Check The Status Of Qatar Visa Validity
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The steps for checking the status of Qatar visa validity 2023

To visit Qatar, foreign nationals must possess a valid visa document. Qatar's Ministry of Interior issues several types of visas, each with its own validity period. Checking the status of a Qatar visa online and extending its validity period is outlined in this article. The Ministry of Interior (MOI) or Qatar Visa Center (QVC) website allows you to verify your Qatar visa validity and check the status of your visa application using your passport number and/or visa number.

Inquiry and printing of visas through the Ministry of Interior

You can track your visa application status or verify the status of your Qatar e-visa by entering your visa number or passport number. Follow these steps to check your Qatar visa application status through the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website:

1) Visit the Ministry of Interior website.
2) Click on 'Inquiries'.
3) Choose the 'Visa Services' option.
4) Select 'Visa Inquiry and Printing' (binocular icon).
5) You can enter your passport number or visa number.
6) Click the drop-down button and choose your nationality.
7) Type in the verification code.
8) When you click ‘Submit’, your visa status will show up.
9) Click 'Print' to obtain a hard copy of the visa status.

Invalid Visas

The following may help you determine if your visa is invalid:

1) Make sure that your visa has been issued.
2) Be sure you didn't receive duplicate visas.
3) Verify the authenticity of your visa.
4) Consult your travel agency to make sure your Qatar visa has been processed properly.

Consult the Status of the Qatar Visa Application

The following steps will guide you through checking the status of your Qatar visa approval at the MOI website:

1) Check out the MOI website.
2) Select 'Inquiries'.
3) Select 'Visa Services' from the menu.
4) Choose ‘Visa Approval Tracking’.
5) Provide your visa application number and other information.
6) Applicants applying for 'Resident Visa' should select 'Residency' and enter the application number and date.
7) Applicants applying for 'Visit Visa' should select 'Visit' and enter the application number and date.
8) When you are finished, click 'Submit'.

Visit the Qatar Visa Center (QVC) website to check the status of your Qatar visa application

Your Qatar visa application can also be tracked on the Qatar visa center (QVC) website. It is important to note that this service is only available to applicants from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and the Philippines. You can begin the visa-checking process by following these steps:

1) Go to the Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) website.
2) Select your preferred language and country.
3) Choose 'Track Application'.
4) Enter your passport number, visa number, captcha code.
5) Click 'Submit' to know the status.

Extension of Qatar visa validity

Travelers with current Qatar visas can extend them online through the Ministry of the Interior portal. Embasies and other authorized parties may issue the extension on behalf of the traveler. Here are the steps to extend your Qatar visit visa online:

1) Using your smart card, access MOI's e-services website.
2) The first step to obtaining a visa extension is to click on 'Visa Services' and then click on 'Visit Visa Extension'.
3) The necessary details such as passport or visa number should be filled out.
4) Select your nationality
5) Enter the verification code from the picture or audio
6) The extension period must be chosen and the required expenses must be paid.

Fees for extending a Qatar visa

QR 200 is the monthly fee for Qatar visa extensions.


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