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How to Apply for a Qatar Work Visa and Other Important Information

One of the richest nations in terms of oil reserves is Qatar. Qatar is becoming more and more well-known as a result of the fantastic and successful hosting of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Qatar is working to promote its growth and culture and draw more visitors to the nation. Qatar is one of the countries with the highest GDP per capita, making it a prime location for expanding businesses and seeking employment. All foreigners who want to work or invest in Qatar are being helped by the Qatari government. As a result, if applicants want to work there, they must obtain a Qatar Work Visa. If you're thinking of moving or visiting Qatar to start a business or profession, read this page to find out more about how things work there.

The essential requirements for obtaining a work visa for Qatar, whether for employment or business establishment, are further explained. Before visiting any consulate or embassy, this information will help you save a lot of time. Let's take a quick look at them.

What is Qatar Work Visa?

A pass or document known as a Qatar work visa enables foreign applicants to enter the nation for work or employment. A foreign employer who is working for a business or employer in Qatar receives a work visa from the Qatari government. Work visas for Qatar are arranged by the employer and are valid for one to three months. This mostly applies to those who plan to work for a Qatari firm. The employee must have a valid employment contract that has been approved by the Ministry of Labour in order to apply for a work visa.

What are the required documents for a Qatar Work Visa?

1) The Documents and Information to be Submitted to Obtain Employment Visa

1. A filled application form in Arabic.
2. Copy of the immigration card of the business.
3. Copy of the commercial registration of the business.
4. Copy of the contract between the employer and the employee.
5. Copy of the employee's passport.
6. 4 passport size photo.

2) The Documents Required to Apply for a Work Permit 

1. A duly completed application form from the Ministry of Labour.
2. Employment contract with a Qatari employer.
3. A medical certificate as a proof of the employee's good health condition.
4. Copy of the employee’s passport.
5. Any relevant educational certificates.
6. Two passport photographs.
7. The employment visa.
8. Immigration card of employer or company.
9. Biometrics data, including fingerprints.

3) The Documents Necessary to Apply For Residence Permit

1. A valid passport.
2. Two passport photographs of the employee.
3. The employment visa.
4. Copy of the commercial registration of the business.
5. Copy of the immigration card of the business.
6. Medical certificate of the employee.
7. Completed residence permit application for in Arabic and English.
8. Sponsor’s passport if employer is an individual.

Process for applying for a Qatar Work Visa:

In order to obtain a work visa, foreigners must find a job with a Qatari employer that is approved by the Ministry of Labour. Before foreigners apply for Qatar's work residency permit, their employer or corporation must serve as their sponsor and take charge of the application. To obtain a Qatar work residence permit, follow these steps:

Step 1. Finding a Job

An applicant must first find a job before applying for a work visa. When a job is found, the employer must do most of the application work.

Step 2. Business Registration with the Immigration Department

The employer must first register the company with the Immigration Department of the General Directorate of Borders, Passports, and Expatriate Affairs at the MOI or Ministry of Interior in order to apply for a work visa. A company becomes a worker's sponsor once they are issued an Immigration card. Employers must also obtain a Representative Card for a designated employee who will represent the business while communicating with the Ministry of Labor and the Immigration Department. The required employer documents are as follows:

-Copy of Trade Licence.
-Filled application form for Immigration Card or Representative Card in Arabic.
-Immigration Card and a Representative Card.
-Passport copies of all authorized signatories, business owners, and representatives.
-A copy of the business's Commercial Registration.
-Two passport-size colour photos of the representative.

Step 3. Obtaining approval from the Ministry of Labor

The quantity of work permits that will be issued to foreign workers for the upcoming year must be approved by the Ministry of Labour before the company can start recruiting. The Labour Department must be contacted in order to file a block visa application. The employer is required to submit the following documents to the Ministry of Labour:

-A filled application form in Arabic
-The nationalities of the employees
-The position of the employees
-The total number of foreigners that will be employed

Step 4. Obtaining a Work Visa or an Employment Visa

Each employee must obtain a work visa before entering Qatar. After entering in Qatar on a visit visa, the employee can then apply for an employment visa. Employee can begin their work only when a work visa is obtained. Each employee will be sponsored by the employer. A copy of the work visa should be given to the employee once it has been received, and the original should be left at the airport where the employee will be arriving before the employee departs for Qatar. The normal duration of an employment visa is one to five years. Therefore, it will take two to four weeks to receive this visa.

Step 5. Obtaining Work Permit

After arriving in Qatar, employees have seven working days to obtain a work permit. Normally, this can only happen once a formal employment contract has been signed. A medical certificate attesting to the employee's good health must be obtained prior to requesting a work permit. Employees must undergo a medical examination at a government-approved facility and submit a photocopy of their passport, work visa, four passport-sized photos, along with a fee. An application for a work and residence permit valid for one, two, or three years may be submitted after the medical certificate has been approved. This permit can be obtained in 2 to 4 weeks.

Step 6. Obtaining Residence Permit

Upon receiving copies of the employment visa and work permit, the employee may fly to Qatar and pick up the documents at the airport. A medical check-up and fingerprint scan are also required.Now is the time to apply for a residence permit, which converts the work entry visa into a residence permit that prevents the employee from leaving the country. The employer must start the application for a residence permit within seven days of the employee's arrival. An English and Arabic dual language contract must be approved by the Labour Department in accordance with Labour Law No.14 of 2004. In order to submit an application, the employee must provide employment documents, such as the job contract if not payroll records and bank statements will be needed. Upon approval of the residence permit, an employee can continue to work for the company until their contract ends, this permit may need to be renewed every few years, depending on the situation. It takes around 6 weeks to obtain this permit.

Step 7. Seeking an Exit Visa

It is also necessary for foreign nationals working for Qatari employers to obtain exit visa before leaving the country. The employer or the sponsor grants exit visas for employees. The visa has a seven-day limit and allows for multiple entries.

How to check the status of Qatar work visa?

To obtain the status of Qatar work visa, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Ministry of Interior website.
2. Click on Inquiries.
3. Select Visa services.
4. Click on Visa Inquiry & Printing.
5. Enter your visa number or passport number, select your nationality and input the verification code.
6. Click on Submit, and you can know the status of your Qatar work visa.

The Qatar Visa Center website allows users to check their visa status for several nations, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and the Philippines. Please follow the steps given below:

1. Visit the Qatar Visa Centre website.
2. Select your preferred language and the country.
3. Select track application.
4. Enter your visa and passport number, captcha accurately.
5. Click on Submit to know the status of your visa application.

Qatar work visa Processing Time: 

Qatar Work visa applications typically take 2-4 weeks to be processed. Depending on the country and the company, it can take longer sometimes.

Cost of Qatar work visa: 

Qatar work visas are reported to be quite expensive. 
QAR 200 appox. - Qatari employment visa 
QAR 500 appox - To convert the work visa into a work permit.

Benefits of having Qatar work visa: 

1. Ability to sponsor family members to immigrate to Qatar and live with them. 
2. You can obtain Qatar ID.
3. You can apply for a driver's license.
4. Ability to sign a rental agreement.
5. You can create a bank account.
6. You can apply for loan.

Frequently asked questions about Qatar Work Visa: 

1. Is there an age limit for Qatar work visas?

Ans: In Qatar, the retirement age for government employees is 60. There is no retirement age in the private sector. If an expatriate is over 60, their visas can't be renewed or their sponsors can't be changed.

2. Can sponsored women work?

Ans: In Qatar, women who are sponsored by their spouses are permitted to work without requesting a separate work visa. In order to register for a job, they must visit the Labor Department.

To conclude- If you're seeking for employment in Qatar, don't miss this post because we've covered all the information you need to know about the Qatar Work Visa for Foreigners. Please let us know if you have any experience with work visas.



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