Process of Renewing An Indian Passport In Qatar
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The following is a guide for Indians living in Qatar. There is a 10-year validity period for Indian passports, after which they need to be renewed before they expire. 

This passport service is available only to Indian residents of Qatar. 

Applicants for Indian passports and visas apply through the Indian embassy in Qatar. In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to renew your passport if it's about to expire. 

It is recommended that all applicants submit their passport renewal applications up to 1 year before their passport expires.

Online renewal of an Indian passport in Qatar:

1. Go to this link: and select the region/country as 'Africa and Middle East' and then select 'Qatar'. 

2. Then click on the 'Register - Register to apply for passport services' link. Upon clicking the category, you will be asked to create an online account with Passport Seva Portal. Log in using your account information if you already have one.

Creating a new account

If you would like to register an account, you must provide the following information:

1. Embassy/Consulate: Qatar-Doha

2. Given Name (first name)

3. Surname

4. Date of birth

5. Email address

As soon as you have entered your details, you can create a password and confirm it. You can also choose a question that serves as a 'hint' for security purposes, such as your city of birth. Click on the 'Register' button after entering the captcha code.

A confirmation email will be sent to you from Passport Seva with an activation link. You will need to enter your email address and password once you click on the activation link.

3. Sign in again and click on 'Register - Register to apply for passport services'.

4. After that click on ‘application for applying for ordinary passport’.

5. After that, you will need to choose from the following options:

-Passport type: Fresh passport or passport reissue. Select 'passport reissue' if you are renewing your passport.

-‘Reissue reason’ – e.g., "validity expired within three years or is about to expire"

-Type of application: Normal or Tatkal (In case there is urgency).

-Passport booklet type: 36 or 60 pages

6. The next step is to fill out the applicant details as follows:

-Your Given name (First name)
-Your Surname
-Have you ever been known by other names (aliases)?: Yes/no
-Have you ever changed your name?: Yes/No
-Date of birth
-Place of birth
-Is your Place of Birth outside of India?:   Yes/No
-Region/Country of birth
-Marital status

-Citizenship of India by

-Provide your PAN (Permanent Account Number) or Voter ID (if available) - this is optional
-Employment type
-Educational qualification
-Is either parent (for minors) or spouse a government worker: Yes/No
-Does the applicant qualify for the non-ECR (non-Emigration Check Required) category?: Yes/No. An individual who has completed the tenth grade and has higher education falls into the non-ECR category according to the Indian Embassy helpline - 800 46342. They (non-ECRs) do not need an emigration check to work in certain countries.
-Is there a distinguishable mark on your body? You will have to describe it in the form if you do.
-Aadhar number (if you have it) - this is optional

The next step is to accept the terms and conditions.

7. Click on the next button after you have completed the application details.

8. Your family details will be required in the next section of the passport renewal application:

-Father’s full name
-Mother’s Full name
-Legal guardians' name (when applicable)
-Spouse’s full name (when applicable)
-Applicants for minors must enter the passport numbers of their father and mother. If they are not Indian, you must enter their nationality.

9. The next step is to enter the address details. In this section, you must enter the address printed on your passport, including:

-House number
-Village town or city
-The nearest police station.
(The Passport Seva Portal has a service on their website called, ‘Know Your Police Station’. You can find the link here: To find the closest police station, you must enter the state and district and enter the captcha displayed and click ‘submit’. You will then find the list of police stations in your area.)

10. Enter your mobile number and email address next

11. You will then need to enter your emergency contact information and address. Mobile and email addresses are included.

12. You will need to enter the following details from your previous passport:

-Passport number
-Date of issue
-Expiry date
-Place of issue

13. The final step in the application process is to fill out your 'other details' - a list of questions that you must answer yes or no to.

1. If you have any criminal records. 
2. Having been convicted by an Indian court
3. Having been denied or refused a passport in the past
4. Did you apply for or receive foreign citizenship?
5. Have you returned to India on an emergency certificate (outpass)?

Upon completion of the application form, you must review and verify the details and click on 'submit'.

In addition to submitting the application online, you must take a printout of the application and submit it in person to the Indian Embassy Qatar , Signature to be done in the presence of submission Officer at the Embassy.

You need to submit the following documents at Indian Embassy Qatar for passport renewal:

Embassy of India Doha (Location and Contact Details)

1. Application form duly completed

2. A copy of the original passport and Permanent Residence Permit for Qatar. Document copies should be self-attested. (This means The document must contain your signature as well as the date).

3. For verification, the applicant must provide an original passport, Permanent Residence Permit for Qatar, or any other related document.

4. It is necessary to attach a Sworn Affidavit to a passport that expired over three years ago to explain the circumstances and reasons behind the late renewal. The applicant must sign the sworn affidavit in front of the Consular Officer.

4. Depending on the submitted documents, additional documents may be needed for verification at the Consulate's sole discretion.

5. Provide two clear passport photos. The following are the photo requirements for an Indian passport, according to the Indian Embassy:

Size: Passport size (50 mm X 50 mm)  
View: Frontal view with both ears and chin to forehead clearly visible, eyes should be open.
Background: Plain white background
Dress: Preferably in color offering contrast with background for clarity at a designated place.

Charges for passport renewal in Qatar: 

The following are the passport renewal fees according to Indian Embassy Qatar:

Passport issue fees for Minor: QR 184
Passport issue fees for Adults: QR 274
Tatkal Scheme: In addition to the normal fee, an additional QR 550 is required under the Tatkal Scheme. 

What is the processing time for passport renewal?

Normally, fresh and reissued passports are delivered on the sixth working day after the application has been received by the Embassy. However, this depends on the workload of the Consular Section. Services requiring prior approval from the Indian authorities are not included in this schedule. Upon submitting the application, the Embassy will notify you when the passport is available for collection. 

The 'Tatkal' service can be used in case you need it urgently: 

A 'Tatkal' service allows you to fast-track your passport renewal if you are traveling to India for a medical emergency or if a family member dies. You can pick up your passport the next day after submitting your application at the Embassy. It costs more to renew a passport through the 'Tatkal' service. 

This concludes our guide on how to renew your Indian passport in Qatar. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know.

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