Shura Council Deliberates On Family And Community Development Policies
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The Shura Council convened its regular weekly session on Monday at Tamim bin Hamad Hall in the Shura Council headquarters, with HE Hassan bin Abdullah Al Ghanim presiding as the Speaker.

Minister of Social Development and Family (MoSDF) HE Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser Al Misnad was in attendance to discuss MoSDF's initiatives in implementing national strategies for family care and addressing challenges in their execution. The session covered the comprehensive range of services provided by MoSDF at the social development level.

HE Speaker of the Shura Council commended MoSDF's endeavors to safeguard the family unit, raise awareness of its importance, and implement programs to achieve these goals.

Referring to Article 20 of the state's constitution, he emphasized the foundational role of the family in the community, regulated by law to protect its essence, strengthen bonds, and preserve aspects like motherhood, childhood, and geriatric care.

The Speaker underscored the family's pivotal role as the core strength of the community, emphasizing the importance of a cohesive society in overcoming contemporary challenges posed by cyberspace and global openness.

HE Minister of MoSDF outlined the ministry's strategies, emphasizing its commitment to deepening the family's role and welfare based on the wise leadership's directives.

She highlighted initiatives such as the "First Year of Marriage" program aimed at reducing divorce rates by educating couples on their rights and duties within Islamic Sharia.

MoSDF, in collaboration with various entities, conducts field studies to understand divorce reasons in the Qatari community. Minister Al Misnad detailed the "Watad" service offering family and educational consultations, respecting privacy and confidentiality by leveraging expertise from social centers.

Regarding persons with disabilities (PWDs), MoSDF focuses on rehabilitation, training, and empowerment, recently partnering with Qatar Manpower Solutions Company (Jusour) to employ PWDs. The ministry also supports Qatari social and cultural heritage through initiatives like the Qatari Family Charter and "Home Grown" to promote sustainability and develop productive family systems.

Shura Council members praised MoSDF's role in reinforcing family positions, preserving national identity, and promoting moral values. They emphasized the importance of community awareness, collaboration with various entities, and efforts to encourage marriage while reducing divorce rates.

Members also called for reviewing social security policies, supporting education and employment opportunities for PWDs, and providing essential programs for the elderly.

In response, Minister Al Misnad addressed the council's comments, expressing MoSDF's commitment to considering their perspectives. She highlighted the ministry's efforts in social centers, PWD inclusion, social security, and stabilizing family structures.

The Speaker concluded by affirming the wise leadership's interest in family and community affairs, praising the country's progress in supporting social security and committing the council to support MoSDF's objectives for community development and prosperity.

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