Step-by-step Procedure When Changing Jobs In Qatar Without NOC
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Living in Qatar..??
And also working in Qatar..!!
Want to quit your current job and start a new one but u have no idea from where to start? what you need to do first? How to start this procedure?
Well Arablocal Qatar is here to answer all your questions, as we are providing you a step by step procedure if you are willing to change your job as provided by International Labor Organization. 

All the workers in Qatar can now change their job without obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their former employers.

Steps underneath apply to private sector workers covered by Labour Law No. 14 of 2004, agricultural and grazing workers, domestic workers and fishermen. 

1. Steps to change employers: 

- The worker need to advise his/her manager through the electronic system of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (ADLSA): 

- The Workers need to Give 1 month notice if he/she has been in present job for 2 years or less. 

- The Workers need to Give 2 months notice if he/she has been in present place of employment for more than 2 years.


2. The worker is advised to express his/her intention behind changing job through the electronic notice arrangement of ADLSA, with the accompanying records encased:

- ADLSA change-of-employer form

- Copy of the agreement signed with the former employer,authenticated by ADLSA (or the employment offer in absence of contract copy)

- The new employer's job offer in Arabic language.

3. The worker and his/her new employer should get a SMS from ADLSA affirming the change of employment. 

4. The new employer should start the electronic employment contract on ADLSA’s Digital Authentication System.

5. The new employer need to print out the work contract, and need to discuss with the worker and sign it. 

6. The new employer need to upload the signed employment contract on ADLSA's Digital Authentication System, and pay the verification charge of QAR 60. 

7. At the point when the employment contract is verified,  the new employer need to submit a request for a new QID to the Ministry of Interior.


After completing the above mentioned procedure, the worker now change the job and start a new one. The worker should get his/her new Qatari ID card (QID) and Health card from the new employer. 

* Except in instances of end upon contract expiry or end on grounds of abuse by employer.

Please contact the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs: 

Hotline Number: 16008

Email id:


or visit its workplaces for more information.

Note: Both workers and employers can download a duplicate copy of the work contract consistently through the Digital Authentication System. 

Another useful Links: 

Electronic notification system:


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