Qatar Travel Documents And Procedures Concerning VISAS And IMMIGRATION
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Visitors to Qatar may need a visa; however, more than 80 countries' nationals have visa-free entry into the country, and certain passengers can get visas on arrival. Travelers leaving Qatar, including expatriates and some tourists, are required to obtain exit permits. You must confirm these requirements before your journey begins for your convenience and comfort.

Arrivals Information

The following is important information for travelers arriving at Hamad International Airport.

For E-Gate card Holders

You may proceed directly to the E-gate area if you possess a valid e-gate card. You will find it on your right-hand side as you approach passport control (map).

Here we provided the Location, Contact details and map links of HIA

Hamad International Airport


Visa on arrival

1. The following links offer detailed information about entry visas: (List Of 80 Visa Free Entry Countries In Qatar) (link)

2. Applicants with passports from one of these countries are eligible for a single-entry visa on arrival. This is valid for stays of up to one month. To obtain your visa, present your passport and pay the applicable fee at an immigration counter.

3. Citizens of GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council) are eligible for a single-entry visa on arrival. You can only obtain a visa if the validity of your residence permit is at least six months and if the profession on your residency permit appears on this list. To obtain a visa, you must approach an immigration counter with your passport and pay your visa fee. Qatari visas are valid for a month, and they can be renewed for an additional two months upon request.

Paying visa fees

1. Directly at an immigration counter, you can pay your visa fee with your credit or debit card. Visa fees vary depending on your nationality and type of visa.

2. You must visit the designated bank counter (map) before visiting a passport control counter if you want to pay your visa fee in cash. Processing your cash payment requires a fee from the bank (QAR 25/USD 7). The bank accepts all major currencies.

Get a visa before you travel

Unless you qualify for a visa on arrival (see eligibility criteria above), you must arrange a visa in advance of your trip to Qatar. You can do this at Qatari embassies around the world, or by contacting the hotel you are staying at in Qatar. Visa fees vary depending on your nationality and type of visa. Make sure you give yourself enough time for the visa process.

When you fly Qatar Airways, you may be able to arrange a visa on arrival by booking a hotel stay during your stay. Visit the Qatar Airways Holidays website for details. It is important to note that the average visa processing time is two weeks, while the fast-track service takes between five and six days.

Priority processing

At Hamad International Airport, Al Maha customers, special assistance travellers, and unaccompanied minors receive priority processing.

Things you should avoid

1. If you wish to pay your visa fee in cash, please do not approach a passport control counter. Credit cards and debit cards are the only methods of payment accepted at passport control counters. When paying in cash, please use the designated bank counters (map).

2. Confirm your visa requirements before starting your trip. It will help minimize any inconveniences or delays.

Note: The Ministry of Interior and your airline will provide guidance and assistance if for any reason you cannot enter Qatar.

Getting an e-gate card

Qatari nationals, expats in Qatar, and citizens of GCC countries can apply for an e-gate card at the Ministry of Interior office in Al Gharafa (Doha). Ministry of Interior office in Al Gharafa (Doha). Please click here for more details.

Departures Information

Passengers departing from Hamad International Airport should read the following information.

How to get an Exit permits

1. Visit the Hukoomi website to find out if you need an exit permit

2. Family members visiting you in Qatar are required to obtain an exit permit when they depart the country if their stay exceeds one month (female family members are exempt).

Clearing passport control

1. Just before the passport control area, scan your boarding card at the automatic security gates.

2. To present to an immigration officer, you should have all your travel documents (passport, exit permit, boarding pass and ticket) ready.

3. Passengers traveling in First Class and Business Class have access to dedicated lanes.

Priority processing

When departing from Hamad International Airport, Al Maha customers, travelers with special assistance, and unaccompanied minors receive priority processing.

Things you should avoid 

1. In order to travel to a GCC country (Gulf Cooperation Council), you must have a valid passport for at least six months (three months for GCC nationals). Make sure your passport meets this requirement, otherwise your airline may not accept you for travel.

2. You will not be allowed to leave Qatar if you have unpaid fines. Before leaving, be sure to settle any outstanding fines. Fines can also be paid at the Hamad International Airport office of the Ministry of Interior (map).


1. Fines you haven't paid may prohibit you from leaving the country. You can pay them at the Ministry of Interior's fees and fines office at Hamad International Airport. You'll find it at the end of check-in row 8 (map).

2. You must approach the Ministry of Interior at Hamad International Airport if you are unable to leave the country because you do not have an exit permit.


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